Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cedar Waxwings for the Holidays

This December, the migratory Cedar Waxwings (bombycilla cedrorum) arrived at the garden just as the Toyon aka Christmas Berry shrub was bursting with red berries. The berries are one of their favorite treats - they aren't dummies.

Local birder extraordinaire and owner of Wildbirds Unlimited, Bob Shanman, says they also eat the unripe berries and get a bit tipsy. We aren't certain if they were intoxicated but did get a shot of them imbibing at the garden's local watering hole. Click on the photo to view larger version. Photo by Julie Gonella.

Want to hang with BIRDS of a feather in the South Bay?

Then don't miss out on Sunday Morning Birds Walks at Polliwog Park with Bob Shanman, details:

Sunday Morning Bird Walks at Polliwog Park
-- > All but the 3rd Sunday morning if each month @ 8am

Meet Bob on the corner of Manhattan Beach Blvd and Redondo Ave. @ 8:00 ---anyone is welcome. Binoculars and walking shoes are recommended.

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