Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nature's New Year Brings Hope and a Hawk

The new year arrived on time in the botanical garden as it always does -- in it's slow and beautiful way. The rains revealed that plants who seemed to be sleeping were actually just waiting for a new beginning. New growth in the garden seems to deliver a hopeful message.

This January's visit of an Immature Red-tailed Hawk is also a good sign. Sometimes the garden is a place of learning, sometimes it's a place to pull weeds, and then sometimes it's just a place to sit and enjoy the accomplishment of doing absolutely nothing but watching nature and listening closely.

Just writing this post, I am thinking the message the garden is telling me lately is that change is a natural process I should expect and embrace. I love that about the garden.

All of us at the MBBG wish you a new year of beauty, wonder and new beginnings and we sincerely hope you get a chance to do nothing in the botanical garden sometime soon.

Pictured above: This stunning photo of an Immature Red-Tailed Hawk was taken by Julie Gonella.