Saturday, December 12, 2009

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at Julie's

This year the long-awaited rains arrived the morning of the annual MBBG Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast so we gratefully accepted the venue change from the garden to Julie's cozy house down by the pier.

It was so nice to see everyone together and all agreed this year's presents were super. Thanks to Julie the volunteers now have white t-shirts with a ladybug tag on the front and the MBBG yellow flower logo on the back along with a nifty hose nozzle and seed packets.

I have to mention here that the buffet was exceptional with a mouth-watering frittata ala Charlotte, Julie's cheesy quiche and the papaya balls and yogurt with granola being my favorite.

Besides partying the real purpose of the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast was to let all our MBBG volunteers know just how much they are loved and that without them we would not have a garden. So thanks again to all the garden volunteers - you are incredible. Note: If you did not make the breakfast please make sure to stop by the garden on any Friday and pick up your presents and get properly thanked!

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Erin Fisher said...

I don't know anything about plants but I have volunteered with ROOTS before. Where is the BG in MB? I have a blog about South Bay. Perhaps I can mention the BG in it. Follow me I am new to the blog thing :)