Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earth Day 2011 and the MBBG Seal Approves

The 2011 Earth Day at Polliwog Park was a success and alot of fun. Our MBBG dedicated volunteer crew showed up to help at the main table, the succulent plant sale and teaching classes and they also worked for weeks making sure the garden looked it's best.

In between time spent at the garden weeding, mulching, watering and laying stone on the new paths we get to talk alot, especially about plants. The buzz lately has been how the heavy rains transformed the garden into a botanical paradise proving once again So California does have seasons. I think the floriferous California Lilacs (Ceanothus species) were commented upon the most and we all agreed the various shades of blue were breathtaking. I thought the brilliant yellow of the Flannel Bush (Fremontedendron - now is that not a great name for a plant?) was another spectacular plant for second place. The runners-up could be the annual surprises-forgotten-until-in-bloom-again plants like the dainty Beach Primrose (Camissonia cheiranthifolia) which is now the official flower of Manhattan Beach.

This past week the wildflowers such as California Poppies and Clarkias are out in Mikey's Meadow attracting the bumblebees and going wherever they please and we like that alot too.

Speaking of things we like, what's not to like about South Bay-ites who are planting more water-wise Earth-friendly gardens. We are seeing lawns being removed and replaced with native and drought-tolerant plants - and some amazing garden designs. If your water-wise, wildlife-friendly yard meets the criteria on this sign (pictured above), contact us and we'll give you a free MBBG Seal of Approval sign for your front yard to help you celebrate your achievement.

Lastly, we also like this brand new book:

Reimagining the California Lawn:
Water-conserving Plants, Practices, and Designs

Carol Bornstein, David Fross, and Bart O’Brien

(Seal of Approval Sign and Photo by Julie Gonella)