Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MBBG Fall 2015 Free Classes

Fall is approaching slowly here at the garden.  The nights are cooling down which is a needed break from the hot and humid evenings we had here all summer.  

For sure it was worse heat inland, we realize we have it good, but many of us are outdoors during the day either at work or volunteering at the garden - and this summer we can attest it was about the hottest and most humid we can remember.   

We even shut down one volunteer Friday due to a heat alert.  We can't remember that ever happening!  

This summer's heat also meant that at the garden we had to run our reclaimed water irrigation - normally not a good thing in summer for our native plants -  but even with the thick mulch we apply, our sandy soil was bone dry and our most drought tolerant trees and shrubs were not going to make it without a monthly soaking.  Most of Manhattan Beach is built on what was sand dunes - so when we say sand, we do mean sand! 

With Fall here we are grateful to see the monarchs arriving as well as our teachers to impart their wisdom to our free Fall classes.  Information is below and we hope to see you at the garden! 

Our Teachers

Lisa Ryder-Moore 
Composting is such a critical part of earth-friendly living and gardening and we are so happy to have Lisa Ryder-Moore teaching our class.  She is an expert on composting - the often forgotten part of household sustainability.  A recent worm bin convert told us his bin is set up on a small condo balcony and he is able to compost kitchen scraps and in turn feed his patio plants.  This means less outputs to go into our over-crowded land fills and less inputs because there is no need to buy commercial fertilizers.   

Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia probably knows more about rainwater harvesting than anyone in Southern California.  In his landscaping business Enviroscape LA,  he has been promoting sustainable practices like rainwater diversion and retention, designing and building eco-ponds, rain gardens and swales, and building recirculating water features way before it was on the radar.   As an MBBG Board member, Mike was the perfect person for us to ask if he would share his tips on how we can get ready for El Niño!  

Composting Made Easy 
When:  Saturday, Oct 17 10 – 11am
Who: Lisa Ryder-Moore, City Authorized Instructor

Composting is nature’s way of recycling food and yard waste into a valuable and free organic fertilizer for your garden. Learn simple composting techniques in this one hour workshop. Al levels are welcome – from the novice to the experienced. Residents can purchase a Compost Bin for $35 (a $99 value) or a Worm Bin for $35 (a $129 value).  
Mike Garcia Enviroscape explains
how to divert rainwater from your roof

Preparing for El Niño 
When:  Saturday, Oct 31 10-11am 
Who:  Mike Garcia, Enviroscape

We’re hearing it everywhere: this will be an El Nino year.  That means rain and often a lot of it! 

This class will teach you how to capture some of that rain for use in your garden. You’ll also learn how to protect your landscape from erosion. Come join us for this we-like-rain program!

Our Location: 
1236 N. Peck Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 
Located on the west side of Polliwog Park.  Park on Peck Ave. and look for the covered amphitheater in the center of the garden.
 Free Parking: 
Next to MBBG on Peck Ave. or the adjacent lot at the end of Peck Ave.

Prior Registration:  
If you can, please let us know if you are coming and how many folks are attending, it helps us plan on how many handouts to print, thanks.     Leave a message with Julie at 310-546-1354 (no call back unless requested) or Julie@manhattanbeachbotanicalgarden.org


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