Thursday, December 7, 2006

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

Welcome to the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden's first ever blog! We are a non-profit community garden featuring drought tolerant native and California friendly plants. We are located in Manhattan Beach, California.


Julie said...

I've been bird watching at the Garden lately. Last week I saw a male Spotted Towhee. It was about the size of a Bluejay, and had a black head, copper sides, white breast and black and white spotted wings...very dramatic looking. It was scratching along the ground looking for bugs to eat. I'm going back today, and will post what I see.

mikegarcia said...

Now that winter is here and the plants are asleep, what garden features do people come to the garden to see? I think that since the waterfall never sleeps, this is one feature. Another is the amphitheatre, a great place to have lunch and listen to the sound of the stream. What features do you like during the winter?

Julie said...

I've been to the Garden nearly every day this week for an hour or so. I finally saw our Spotted Towhee again today.

Earlier in the week I saw several White-crowned sparrows. They look like your typical sparrow, but have a cute cap of 5 black and white stripes on their head and an orange beak. They are only seen in the winter as they migrate through.

Today I also saw a male Townsend's warbler, another winter visitor. These birds love the water feature where they can bathe and catch insects. They are recognized by their distinctive black throat and ear patch, with broad yellow stripes above and below the patch that create an eyecatching profile.

Julie said...

This week I've seen several Wilson's Warblers in the Garden. The males are bright yellow with a black cap on their head. They flit around in the low shrubs, so are easy to spot, especially amongst the blue flowers of the Ceanothus 'Concha' in the Meditation Garden.